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Pod Point Ev Charger Installers in Essex

Electric car charging illustration

Pod Point Home Chargers

Pod Point is a leading name in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. Known for their innovation and reliability, Pod Point chargers are designed to offer fast, efficient, and safe charging for your EV. Here’s why Pod Point stands out:

Rapid Charging

The 22kW Solo 3 provides up to 111 miles of range per hour!

Smart technology

Wi-Fi enabled for remote monitoring and control + charge when price is lowest at off-peak rates

Durable Design

Weatherproof and robust, suitable for indoor and outdoor use


Very easy to use app, making charging your vehicle reliable, easy and cost efficient

Compatible With Leading Car Brands

Pod Point EV chargers are compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles, ensuring you get the best charging experience regardless of your car brand. Compatible brands include: Tesla, Nissan, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Kia, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz And many more!

Solo 3 or Solo 3s

Pod point solo 3.webp
Pod Point Solo 3
Available in 7kW
Available in 22kW
Plan your charging sessions conveniently.
Safe and stable charging with auto power balancing
Comprehensive 3 year warranty
Cost 2.5p per mile
solo 3s.webp
Pod Point Solo 3S
Available in 7kW
Plan your charging sessions conveniently.
Safe and stable charging with auto power balancing
Comprehensive 3 year warranty
Solar Charging - Zero cost, zero emissions

Affordable EV Chargers

tesla wall connector.png

Tesla Wall Connector

  • Customisable power levels to fit your home’s power capacity

  • Wi-Fi connectivity for updates and remote monitoring

  • Sleek design to complement your Tesla


  • Smartphone Control: Manage your charging remotely via the Ohme app.

  • Dynamic Tariff Integration: Automatically charges when energy is cheapest.

  • Future-Proof Technology: Regular software updates ensure your charger is always up-to-date.

Ohme charger
Hypervolt charger


  • Built-In Security: Features to ensure safe and secure charging.

  • Dynamic Load Balancing: Ensures efficient energy use without overloading your home’s power supply.

  • Sleek Design: Modern aesthetics to complement your home.


  • Eco, Eco+ and Fast charging modes

  • Built-in programmable timer

  • Remote control and monitoring via the myenergi app

Zappi charger

EVEC Charger

  • Smart app integration for control and scheduling

  • Robust safety features for secure charging

  • Compact design for easy installation

Evec charger.png
Wall box new.png


  • Adjustable power settings for optimal home charging

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control

  • Compact and modern design suitable for any environment

Black and Beige Minimalist Aesthetic Modern Simple Typography Agency Logo.png

Project EV

  • Remote access via a mobile app

  • Load management for optimal charging

  • Stylish and weather-resistant design


Covering Essex and surrounding areas.

Free, no obligation consultations and viewings.


Call: 07549 390646

Call: 07557 335353

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