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We are fully insured and all of our installers are fully qualified to carry out any of your needs. We guarantee expert and friendly customer advice, 100% reliability and an outstanding quality of work.

Here at EV EasyCharge, we pride ourselves on supplying and installing EV chargers of the best quality. Along with any other electrical issues you may have, whether it may be groundworks or awkward cable runs, needing an old fuse board updated or a whole rewire… we’ve got you covered!


EV EasyCharge works in collaboration with its diverse selection of approved manufacturers to ensure that our products are market-leading and competitively priced. We focus on innovation and work tirelessly to increase energy efficiency and usability across our range of products, guaranteeing the best quality service and products on the market. If you would like to discuss our range and installation process, feel free to call the team



The Ohme Home Pro charger is a great option for home installations. Featuring a tethered Type 2 cable of 5 or 8 metres and a clear LCD screen, charging is made simple and easy. Ohme EV chargers are designed to make charging your vehicle quick, simple and effective.

Ohme charger
Pod Point charger


Pod Point provides a range of EV chargers and accessories for homes and commercial properties. Compatible with all leading car brands including Telsa, Audi and BMW. Pod Point EV chargers benefit from the latest technology and are Wifi enabled, allowing them to be controlled and monitored via the Pod Point App. Then new Pod Point solo 3 range features refreshed, modern aesthetics for sleek, unobtrusive installations.

Hypervolt charger


Hypervolt EV systems are the countries leading EV chargers manufactured in Britain. Depending on the customers aesthetic, these units come in three different colours- white, grey and black. They have been nominated to be the most aesthetically pleasing EV system in the UK. Available in 7KW and 22KW models. Hypervolt chargers help to reduce energy bills and reduce the carbon footprint of EV charging.


Zappi EV chargers are the worlds first EV chargers that can draw power from the grid or from user-generated solar energy. Available in 7KW or 22KW models. Zappi chargers help to reduce energy bills and reduce the carbon footprint of EV charging. Zappi chargers are app-compatible and feature built-in Wi-Fi to give users complete control over charging by setting timers, enabling the boost function, monitoring devices and much more. The Zappi systems come in two colour ways- white or black depending on the customers opinion.

Zappi charger

Helping the world move towards a sustainable method of transportation

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